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DS! Visvim Ballistic 20L Backpack Olive

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Image of DS! Visvim Ballistic 20L Backpack Olive

Color: Olive
Condition: 100% DS
Size: 20L
Notes: 100% DS, unusused. Dustbag included (no tags). Ballistic nylon body, suede bottom, large main zipper closure compartment with laptop sleeve, second zipper closure compartment with inside pocket. Beautiful quality and a very popular version/color of the 20L!

*All items come exactly as pictured. Any boxes, bags, tags, accessories, etc. will be shown in the photos and/or stated in the 'notes' section.

Condition Rank (any notable flaws will be stated in the ‘notes’ section above)
100% DS: New/unworn. Comes with original packaging.
99%: New/unworn. Without original packaging.
95%: Possibly worn once or twice. Little to no signs of wear.
90%: Worn about 5 times. Very little signs signs of wear.
85%: Worn about 10~15 times. Some signs of wear but no real notable damage.
80%: Worn numerous times. Noticeable signs of wear but no significant damage. Lots of life left.
70~75%: Worn numerous times and shows noticeable signs of wear and/or damage. Still plenty of life left.
60% or lower. Significant signs of wear and/or damage. Some life left. Please judge by the photos.